Ferestien’s carries a wide range of fertilizers for the various stages of lawn control. Weather you are just starting out and need to prep the lawn, or taking care of those pesky weeds and crab grass, we have the right fertilizer for you. Need help deciding which of the fertilizers are right for you? Come in and talk to one of our experts and we will help get your lawn back on track. We also sell and rent broadcast spreaders and for easy and even distribution across your lawn.

Scott’s Four Step Program


Fertilizers — Lebanon Turf

Seed Starter
Proscape Seed Starter 16-25-12
Lebanon Pro Seed Starter Plus Crabgrass Control with Tupersan 12-24-11

Lawn Food
Lebanon Pro with 3% Iron 25-0-5
Lebanon Proscape 32-0-6

Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass Control
Greenskeeper Crabgrass Control with Team 22-0-6
Lebanon Pro with Dimension 22-0-6
Lebanon Dimension/Confront 19-0-6

Weed and Feed
Lebanon Confront 19-0-7

Grub Control with Dylox 6.2%
Lebanon Merit (.3G)
Merit with Fertilizer (.3G)

Moss Control (Moss-Out)

Weed Control
Woodace Preen Plus